About Monica Heck

Monica Heck 2012

Monica Heck 2012

My name is Monica Helena Heck – I am a journalist, writer and painter. I’m also a marketing consultant and copywriter. I have a decade of experience in B2B marketing in the technology industry. Find out more about my services here.

On the blog section of this site, I provide regular news about some aspects of the Irish art scene, especially now that the country is going through the dreaded recession.

I also exhibit some of my work on the site. I am self-taught and still progressing and I’ve been slowly persuaded to put my work out there. It was daunting at first, but very worth it when something you created brings someone else joy. I specialise in the use of bright acrylic colours and  layers to depict organic scenes, nature and animals. I am available on commission to paint pieces and I sometimes exhibit in Ireland, mainly in Dublin when the weather permits.

I run another blog, which charts my non-artistic journalistic work.

  1. really you r so talented and brave artist, i like your efforts, best wishes , respect, mab,

  2. George Hill says:

    Hi Monica thanks for letting me know about your site, I had quick look here from Blanch library pc (no speaker so couldn’t listen to Francis St art dealer interview but it visually looks great) Your site looks brilliant, no time to have proper look at moment cos on way to gather people up for demo gainst home tax & austerity policies at FG ard fheis today … I’ll take a better look later
    all the best George

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