Streetview: Dublin meetings

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Streetview
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Richard Carrie drawing on Chattam street today

Richard Carrie drawing on Chattam street today

Today I met Richard Carrie from Australia on Chatham Street. Richard is drawing for a living, in the literal sense since he has been officially homeless for about six months now, living in hostels and homeless shelters.

Richard explained to me that he has been in severe difficulty for about a year. Having spent 12 years in Ireland, he admits to having “not been smart with money” and has now fallen foul of the dreaded recession. He’s a freelance illustrator and says drawing is his sole purpose in life.

He tells me he has started getting contracts here and there again and has got noticed by drawing on the streets of Dublin. He is hopeful for the future and may head home to Australia where he hears there is more work.

We had a chat about the up and coming animation industry which he says sounds very positive for the young creative minds of Ireland with a talent for technology. “In one word though, the recession sucks”, he says.

Richard Carrie's work in Dublin

Richard Carrie works live outdoors in Dublin


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